The association

CRIVA (Cercle de Recherche International Voix-Analyse) was founded by Claire Gillie. Its mission is to share on a national and international level epistemic and clinical research works regarding voice and psychoanalysis

CRIVA aims at bringing together psychoanalysts and voice specialists from other fields in order to exchange around the « object voice » and the invocatory drive and to question somatic manifestations which indicate failure in the body/voice/language nodality.

The central focus is on taking into account clinical forms of subjectivity in their diversity : in fact, vocal symptoms and pathologies are liable to reveal the unconscious signification and the drive function.

The goal of weaving together all those dimensions is to rethink the clinic of vocal pathologies as well as the psychonalytical anthroprology of the vocal body ; where the call of the subject of the unconscious registers, together with the cultural and artistic figures it engenders.

The purpose of the Association is to create a synergy between « local » fields and practices of the voice, with psychoanalysis coming in as a means to make a psychopathological approach possible but also as a way of understanding this fundamental and complex anthropologic reality which is the voice.